Formula SAE

What is SAE Formula

The Formula Student is an international competition that took place for the first time in the United States in the late 1980s. Organized by SAE, the Automobile Engineers’ Society, Formula Student is one of the main sources of training and recruiting engineers worldwide. Although the Formula One engineer is considered to be the primary objective of the Valuers, it is the formation of a full team that not only designs but also builds a single car, seeks its own support and manages its resources in accordance with the stringent rules imposed by Formula SAE. In this way, the Formula Student is a starting point for any student who wants to assert himself at a high level.

The idea behind the SAE formula

The idea behind the SAE Formula is that a team of students produces a car for amateur pilots. This machine will be produced in a series of 1,000 pieces and will have to meet certain requirements. The competition is designed in such a way that all aspects are assessed, from the actual construction to the cost calculation and product reliability. That’s why the contest is structured in static and dynamic evidence.

What is SAE International?

SAE International is a global association of 115,000 engineers and technical experts in the automotive, aerospace and commercial vehicle industries. The ESA’s core is based on competence, the development of standards, sustainable learning, and its charitable arm, the SAE Foundation, helps programs like “A world in motion?” and “Collegiate Design Series”.

Static and dynamic samples

Static samples consist of: technical inspection (no points, only compliance with the Regulation), costs and production (100 points) and design (75 points). Dynamic samples are: acceleration (75 points), skid-pad (50 points), autocross (150 points) and endurance (300 points).

Important rules and documents

You can find the regulations and all the documents related to the Technical Inspection, Design, Cost and Operations of the competition on the Official SAE Formula website